Quick fix for Test Build 2

Ugh... hey guys... this is... embarrassing, but anyway, I fixed a line of code in the game where it had a problem writing on an ini file, the game could still run afterward, but of course I don't want to give you guys a bad impression immediately or get confused on whether it's something critical in the game. But since the bug came out so late, some changes to the game were already done which are:

-Main menu is now lighter on memory, since it's now a single entity instead of buttons having their own instances.
-Basic attacks now move towards the mouse
-It's now impossible to leave the combat area in Layla's training/sparring mode
-The Upgrade/Save menu is now in the game, but isn't working yet, as it's where I left off when I discovered the bug.

So, I'm really sorry you guys, I'll double check the builds especially about these things next time, and I'll hope you'll forgive me, if you guys find anymore bugs, just let me know.


TheQueensFlowerTB2_b.zip 7 MB
Nov 01, 2017

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