Another small fix for Test Build 2

Hey guys! just added updated test build 2... again.. because I forgot to enable falucites on the last one, again I'm sorry, I was already preparing for the full game prototype as I discovered the problems, but here's a new build with the new updates as well, I might just call it Test Build 3 at this point. Here are the changes:

  • Save/Load system added
  • Skill/Upgrade system added
  • more NPCs added, though you can't interact with them yet.
  • Valkrose castle royal chambers added(2nd and 3rd floors)

So, you'll be able to progressively fight Layla now at least, I didn't intend it to be grindy, it's just that the rest of the game isn't done yet to give you a smoother progression. There shouldn't be any more problems with the game's states because of the save file. Thanks for being considerate, I might actually put up a beta build later on, maybe by the end of the month as well to keep you guys hyped.

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Nov 03, 2017

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